After the completion of NEBOSH IGC 1, here candidates can download NEBOSH IGC 2 Guide for next examination preparations that includes all eight elements. The NEBOSH IGC 2 Notes PDF comprises of pages that means a complete study material package. NEBOSH IGC 2 course is an. IGC-2 Notes - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. preparation. NEBOSH IGC Summary – week 2. Element 1: . nebosh igc2 Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd Introduction NEBOSH (The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health).

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NEBOSH International General Certificate. UNIT IGC2. CONTROL OF INTERNATIONAL WORKPLACE HAZARDS. ELEmENT 4: WORK EQUIPmENT HAZARDS. Title Slide of 2) NEBOSH IGC Wilson Sorin · Amol Bhavsar · Nebosh igc1 refresher course notes and answers. Leo Mr-Chuối. Sanitary conveniences – access to a sufficient number of sanitary conveniences ( WCs) for the number of workers present with separate.

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We consider our team of qualified, experienced and dedicated engineers to be the most valuable assets of the institution. Any questions please ask. Metal fire doors are an economical alternative to wood fire doors, when more than a 20 minute rating is required.

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Malls, government buildings, hotels, and other high-rise establishments are often outfitted with wet pipe systems, although this type of sprinkler system is ideal for practically any environment. Be inspired! Find great ideas for your project. Millions of transit passengers pass through Hamad International Airport HIA every year and Qatar receives a large number of business travellers. These instructions were specifically written to stop you needing to worry if you'll be able to charge your site Fire HDX 8.

Resolution: No. Ideal Fire Limited has 1 shareholder. Actual item is pictured, so please use photos as an aide to description. No matter what your doctors and health officials tell about the ideal diet, you break rules for the pleasure of Welcome to AlJaber Engineering W.

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nebosh igc2

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Their current partial address is Dublin 12, and the company status is Normal. Outline the precaution may be needed to ensure the safety of pedestrians in areas where fork lift trucks are operating 1. Hazards particularly relevant to drivers such as: Fumes Fire and explosion Collision with buildings Manual handling Falling object Noise Vibration Ergonomics 2.

A forklift truck may overturn due to: Loss of control Speed of travel Steepness of a slope Travelling with a raised load Uneven tire pressure Poorly-maintained road surfaces Environmental conditions Wind 3.

Outline the hazards and corresponding precautions to be taken when charging batteries for fork lift trucks. Lifting equipment for removing batteries.

Page 8 of 32 9. Outline the factors that should be taken into account when planning traffic routes for internal transport When organising traffic routes the precaution should be: Keep pedestrians and vehicles apart Separate routes, designated crossing places and suitable barriers at recognised danger spots. List the ways in which a dumper truck may overturn Overloading or uneven loading of the bucket Cornering at excessive speed Hitting obstructions Driving too close to the edges of embankments or excavations Mechanical defects Inappropriate tyre pressure Driving across slopes.

List items to be included on a checklist for the routine inspection of a fork lift truck at the beginning of a shift Condition and pressure of tyres Functioning of lights, horns, brakes Warning devices working Suitable mirrors Engine for oil leaks Water leaks Seat securely fixed and suitable restraints where fitted Signs of damage to bodywork and lifting mechanism Security of equipment fitted i.

LPG tank Outlines how slip and trip hazards in the workplace might be controlled The precautions that should be taken to prevent slips and trips should include Designated walking routes where possible Ensure walkways are level Ensure walkways are non slip Page 9 of 32 Well lit and clearly marked walkways Procedures to quickly identify and remove spillages and obstacles Eliminate need to carry loads Make employees aware of the hazards List 8 design features or safe practices intended to reduce the risk of accidents on staircase used as internal pedestrian routes within work premises.

Adequate width The provision of handrails The dimension of treads and risers The provision of landings Special provisions for disabled persons Possibility of using a lift as an alternative Avoid the need to carry large or heavy items up or down stairs.

Appropriate footwear low heels The provision of non-slip surfaces together with reflective edging. The adequate lighting and effective maintenance The removal of obstructions, with particular attention to escape route Outline the factors to consider when assessing the risk to a long distance delivery driver. The job Duration of journey Road condition Means of communication Security The driver Physical and psychological capabilities The level of training The vehicle Suitability for the load Design and layout of cab Vehicle maintenance The load Properly labelled if hazardous Spillage procedures if hazardous Weight Value Page 10 of 32 Identify FOUR specific types of injury that could be caused by manual handling of loads.

Identify the FOUR main factors to consider when carrying out a manual handling assessment. Give an example for EACH.

Page 12 of 32 4. When selecting a crane for a lifting operation, outline the steps to take in maintaining a safe system of work. A store man is engaged in placing boxes of metal components by hand onto shelves. With respect to manual handling operations a Identify ways in which the nature of a load my present a risk of injury 4 b State four factors relating to the individual that may increase the risk of injury 4 a Load The factors to consider with the load should include Weight Size Shape Rigidity Outside surfaces Stability of contents Other hazards e.

Outline four hazards and the corresponding control measures to be taken when using conveyor systems for moving materials within a workplace.

Hazards of conveyors Trapping, limbs can be drawn into in-running nips Contact with moving parts, for example drive elements, screw conveyors Entanglement with roller, drive mechanisms Striking, materials falling from heights, incorrectly handled Impact, e. Outline the practical measures to avoid manual handling injuries The practical measure can include Avoid manual handling Risk reduction Automation and mechanisation Team handling Training Smaller lighter loads Selection Good environmental working conditions.

Outline the precaution when using 1. Hoist 2. Lifting accessories. Hoist Controls only operated from one position Clear visibility of landings Clear signals Secure objects being carried on goods hoist Do not overfill items being carried on goods lifts Do not carry loose items of goods lifts No passengers on goods lift Safe working load clearly marked Hoist properly examined and tested.

Suitable fencing and gates at all levels Training in use of hoists Lifting accessories All accessories properly certificated and tested Properly inspected by a competent person at regular intervals Safe working load clearly marked Inspection prior to use No repair to accessories on site Not be used for purposes not intended Packing between accessory and load Properly stored after use Training provided for staff in safe use Page 15 of 32 Outline the factors that would ensure piece of work equipment is suitable for use.

Be provided with information and instructions for use. Have an appropriate control system with start, stop and emergency controls. Have appropriate lighting.

Have appropriate warning signs. Be stable. Outline precautions for the safe use of hand-held tools. Visual checks Appropriate PPE 3. Shearing, e. Cutting or severing, e. Entanglement, e.

A bench-mounted circular-saw is being used in a workshop to cut wood in the manufacture of wooden pallets. Flying particles of wood and ejection of wood and any metal fragments of blade causing injury.

NEBOSH IGC2 (1-4 elements).pdf

Manual handling injuries Electrocution or electrical burns Injuries due to slips, trips and falls c Outline FIVE non-mechanical hazards associated with machinery, and in EACH case describe how the associated risks can be minimized.

A fixed guard for the blade running below the bench Protection at the rear of the blade Availability of jigs and push-sticks to keep the operators hands away from the blade at the end of the cut Provision of emergency stop buttons; means of machine isolation Adequate space around the machine with the floor kept in sound condition free from debris and loose material.

Fitting and regular maintenance of properly designed LEV system Adequate level of lighting and heating Page 18 of 32 Provision of appropriate personal protective equipment such as goggles, ear defenders and gloves 7.

Outline practical precautions to be taken prior to the maintenance of machinery. Identify the specific hazards associated with routine maintenance of machinery 4 Outline the hazards identified in a may be controlled 4 Whilst undertaking routine maintenance of machinery the hazards could be: Unintentional starting of machinery Release of stored energy e. Outline the issues that should be addressed in assessing the appropriateness and suitability of a guard to protect dangerous parts of a machine.

Is compatible with the process, e. Outline a hierarchy of control measures that may be used to reduce the risk of injury from dangerous parts of machinery. The provision of information, instruction, training and supervision as is necessary in each case.

A public services worker uses a petrol-driven strimmer to maintain roadside grass verges. Ear defenders Eye protection Respiratory protection dust mask Gloves Safety foot wear Gaiters High visibility clothing that also afforded protection against the weather 3. The use of traffic control or barriers The selection and maintenance of equipment to reduce to a minimum the levels of noise and vibration The provision of information, instruction, training and supervision, and health surveillance Page 20 of 32 Identify advantages and disadvantages of a fixed machine guard 8 Advantages Fixed guards are at the top of hierarchy because they have no moving parts and are therefore very reliable and can be totally effective unless removed or damaged Fixed machined guard Require minimal maintenance because there are no moving parts Can only be defeated by a deliberate act Require only a visual inspection to check effectiveness May protect operators from other hazards, e.

Outline the factors that consider the safe operation of work equipment 8 To ensure the safe operation of work equipment number of factors may have to be considered The equipment should have appropriate protection against risk to employees from failure of or in work equipment.

This includes the risk of ejection of parts or fire and explosion Measures should be taken by employers to ensure that people do not come into contact with work equipment and the materials therein likely to burn or scald Clear layout of controls, e. If this is not possible then other protective measures should be taken Work equipment should have appropriate markings for purposes of health and safety Work equipment should have appropriate warnings or warning devices for purposes of health and safety.

Page 21 of 32 Identify mechanical and non mechanical hazards associated with cement mixer in a construction industry 8 Mechanical hazards Entanglement Trapping between fixed and moving parts at rear Non-mechanical hazards Chemicals corrosive cement Dust Electricity Ergonomics Manual handling Stability of the machine Temperature Outline the general precaution should be taken for portable power tools 8 Never carry a tool by the cord or hose Never pull the cord or the hose to disconnect it from the receptacle Keep cords and hoses away from heat, oil, and sharp edges Disconnect tools when not in use, before servicing, and when changing accessories such as blades, bits and cutters Keep all observers at a safe distance away from the work area Secure work with clamps, freeing both hands to operate the tool Avoid accidental starting the operators should not hold a finger on the switch button while carrying a plugged-in tool; Use RCDs or similar with electrical supplies to portable tools Ensure good footing and maintain good balance Page 22 of 32 Wear appropriate PPE loose clothing, ties, or jewellery can become caught in moving parts Maintain tools- they should be kept sharp and clean.

Follow the user manual instructions for lubricating and changing accessories Regularly inspect tools and report defects and Remove damaged portable electric tools from use.

Identify advantages and disadvantages of interlocked guards 8 Advantages Interlocked guards Allow ready safe access for material feeding Are convenient to use Are less likely to be deliberately defeated than fixed guards where frequent access is required Speed up operations Limitations Interlocked guards Increase the complexity of the machine Are difficult to test and maintain May need a brake or timed delay where machinery does not stop instantly Rely on components which could fail in service Require regular maintenance and testing May not fail to safety, i.

Outline the first-aid treatment that should be given following an electric shock. Artificial respiration should commence immediately and continue until either the victim recovers or medical staff intervenes.

Emergency medical attention should always be sought, as there is a risk of internal injury. Identify and describe FOUR protective systems that can be incorporated within an electrical circuit. Circuit breaker acts as a weak link. Earthling prevents current from being carried.

Isolation physically separates the electricity from the power source. Switching off deprives the equipment of power whilst Remaining connected to the supply.

Low voltage using a transformer reduces the effect of any shock. Residual current device Double insulation encloses the item from danger. Outline the practical measures to reduce the risk of injury from electricity when using portable electrical tools on a construction site.

Use of double-insulated class II equipment or battery operated cordless equipment. Use of tools with residual current devices which protect individuals by rapidly disconnecting the power in the event of a fault occurring.

Carrying out regular visual inspections and user checks Note: The context given is in the use of the equipment on a construction site, but this could equally be in any other remote area where similar conditions apply. Page 24 of 32 4. Outline FOUR control measures relating to the safety of electrical appliances. Other effects could include interference with nerve and muscle action which leads to involuntary grip and cardiovascular effects, leading to disruption of heart rhythm and possibly death.

A year-old joiner received an electric shock from a hand-held v drill while fitting wooden floorboards in a new construction.

The drill was five years old and had never been tested. The joiner was not seriously injured. Visual check of general condition for damage or overheating, integrity of plug, socket and cable should be carried out at every use.

Second formal, periodic, visual inspection - weekly or monthly dependent on amount of use and conditions of use Inspect equipment, connectors plug, socket and cable Also check correct fuse rating. Third carried out by competent person, at three monthly, six monthly or yearly intervals dependent on extent and conditions of use.

Combined inspection and test PAT Checks that the equipment is working correctly and for potential faults, e. When using hand-held electrical tools at v AC, such as in a factory workshop: a Outline the possible hazards.

Outline a range of check that should be made to ensure electrical safety in an office environment Precautions for electrical safety in office environments could include: Equipment is of approved standard e. Describe the function and limitation of a fuse as an electrical protection device 8 A fuse is a weak link designed to melt, breaking the circuit at excessive currents. The fuse is intended to protect the equipment and wiring from over currents and will not protect the people from electric shock.

The flow of electric current generates heat. The higher the current, the more the heat. Fault currents caused by a short circuit, e. Without a fuse the equipment might become damaged, the wiring would eventually become hot enough to melt its insulation and start a fire.

Advantages Cheap and readily available Relatively easy to place Protects equipment from overload Disadvantages Will not protect individuals from electric shock Slow to operate Inaccurate Can be replace with unsuitable or wrongly rated fuse Easy to override Needs screwdriver or similar tool to replace Describe the principles of operation of the following types of electrical protection 1.

Earthing 2. Reduce voltage Earthing Electricity will always try to reach zero potential, i. Earthing of conductive materials, e. Earthing of exposed metal parts, which should not normally carry current, ensures that under fault condition a higher than normal current can flow, causing the fuse to overheat , melt, and the break the circuit. Page 28 of 32 Advantages May prevent indirect electric shock by providing a very low resistance path to earth Readily identified Disadvantages Requires specialist testing and maintenance with professional installation Protection defeated if removes Reduced voltage Reduced voltage systems are recommended in all situations where there is risk of mechanical damage to equipment and cables.

By reducing the voltage present the consequences of electrical shock can be greatly reduced. Advantages As available voltage difference is 55V ac injury is highly unlikely Colour coded cabling system for easy recognition Disadvantages Specialist equipment required for V Lead from supply to transformer will be protecting with a RCD Outline practical measures to reduce the risk of electrical shock when using portable electrical appliances The precautions required to prevent accidents using portable equipment are: Reduced voltage operation Use of residual current devices Apparatus and cables should be protected against overload by fuses and or circuit breakers All cables should be insulated and protected against mechanical damage Correct types of sheathing to suit working conditions Sufficient socket outlets to minimise the need for trailing cables The use of cable drums wherever possible The use of cable drums wherever possible Correct maintenance and repair Correct connections Regular inspection and checks to remove damaged equipment Properly trained operators Page 29 of 32 In relation to electrical safety, explain the meaning of the following terms 1.

Isolation earthing Double insulation Over current protection Isolation Isolation means shutting off the electrical supply to an item of equipment or part of an electrical system and preventing the system being mistakenly reconnected and is used for example during maintenance work.

Advantages Safest option in that it eliminates the electricity May be physically locked off Disadvantages It may isolate other equipment May be reconnected unless locked off Prevents live fault finding Earthing Electricity will always try to reach zero potential, i.

Advantages May prevent indirect electric shock by providing a very low resistance path to earth Readily identified Disadvantages Requires specialist testing and maintenance with professional installation Protection defeated if removes Double insulation Double insulation is where two separate layers of insulation are provided.Fitting and regular maintenance of properly designed LEV system Adequate level of lighting and heating Page 18 of 32 Provision of appropriate personal protective equipment such as goggles, ear defenders and gloves 7.

Direct entry open wounds. Hierarchy of control to reduce manual handling injuries: This report provides guidance for candidates which it is hoped will be useful to candidates and tutors in preparation for future examinations.

Get A Quote Online! Identify FOUR examples of faults and bad practices that could contribute to electrical accidents 2.

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