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Present Perfect Simple B I haven'tdonethe work. She 5 Choosethe bestresponse. Whatsha[[we do tonight? I thinkKewis the nicestolacein London. I'm not sureabout that. Theproblemwith that restaurant is that it's sinceJune. That'sa good idea. Haveyou A: Doesanyonehaveanyideasaboutwhatto 4 practisedI been p ractising? Let'sgo with that. W Readandlistento thestory. Mr Dobidees 7 believes he is thequestions. Thenanswer a g e n i u s!.

Hecouldn'tpaintthe city b e c a u soef a b i r d. Mr Dobidees wasa genius. A total,one hundredpercent 6 Hewentshopping because genuinegenius. At least,that he washungry.!

Helistened asthe churchbettsbegantheir 3 veryimpressive ad1 song,andhe startedpainting. Butafterten minutes, he stopped. SoeverytimeMr Dobidees 5 n o i s em a d eb y a d o g triedto painta shadowor the lineof v - a buitding or the coloursofthe trees,theychanged because the sunchanged them.

Thesundidn't e Whatdo the followingwords understand genius. Arrivinghomeannoyed, Mr Dobidees sat at hisdeskandbeganto r Lineo7i its writehis novel. Hehadalreadyboughtonethousand piecesof paperto B Mr Dobidees's printthe novelon,andhe alreadyhadthe title: His C the RiverVolgart's fingershoveredabovethe keyboard, readyto typethe firstwordsof z Linet4: A MrDobidees Thetelephone rang. B t h es u na n dt h eb i r d Mr Dobidees jumpedout of hisseat. Whocoutdit be? Hestood C a shadowor the lineof a 25 by thetetephone andwatchedit ringing.

Butby nowhis rrpac concentration wasgone. Geniuses andtelephones shouldnever 3 Liner8: C paper 3 o Themusicroomwasn'treallya musicroomat a[. Mr Dobidees 4 Linez5: Hebreathed Line3o: Butjust beforehe coutdbegin,a noisestoppedhim. A noisefrominside A the piano B themusicroom himself. Hisstomach C hisconcentration was m a k i n gn o i s e s' T! Andhe keptrepeating it altthe wayto the supermarlcet, A a n o i s e B t h e m o m e ntth e wherehe boughta loafof bread,a packetof cheese, eightonions, worldhadbeenwaitingfor a bananaandthreetomatoes.

Whenhe got homehewashungry. C hisstomach Aftereatingsomefoodwasheddownwitha goodhot cupof tea,he Line A catslept. Theannoying sunshone. B the supermarket Thewor: Put the verbsin the correctform: A when B shark C bread D back Whatdo the starsdo in thelrfreetime? Shenow ftiesheroumglane. HOw t O. I sawSpiderman. Wllton, ls Ahmed: Yeah,I muchpreferred the comicto the f i l m. Helookedtoo young. Batman,the movie?

And I just lovedJackNicholson's performance as the Joker. Complete the notesin the fitmweregreat. Shelovedthe Interviewer: Cut the ouberginesinto slicesond ls therea napkin? Grote the cheese. There's Tokeo lorge troy ond spreod 12 - butferon it. We[[,the maincoursewasdelicious, butthe Repeotthe stepsodding onother loyer wastoo sweet. Add B of cheesethistime ond o e Nowpairthequestions, r-4, withthe coupleof spoonfulsof oregono.

Boke responses, a-d. I recommend a restaurant 5 Putthewordsinorderto complete A CucinaRomana is a modernrestaurant the dialogue. Where's that newrestaurant, Mangetout? Wheelchair access. Open A: Whattype of fooddoesit serve? Hamburger, chipsandfizzydrinkfor just fz. Whataboutthe service? My friendtold methata mealtakeshours Roomfor kids. CattozoTz9t9 forbookings. C Tasteof the TajIndianrestaurant. Central B: Curries,chicken tikkamasala.

Excellent qualityusingfreshherbsandspices. Arethe pricesreasonable? Recommended by the OrionFoodGuide: Wouldyou recommend it? D Fisherman's Wharfis a friendty fishrestaurant B: Serving a widevariety Reading I r restaurant review of fish,we canguarantee freshness. Attfish arecaughtlocatly. OnSundays try ourspecial 6 a Readthedescriptions of somepeople. Then Seafood Comboof prawns, codandsquidfor an readtherestaurant reviews.

Whoshouldeatat unforgettable mea[,at justf3. Ourextensive cellarhasover4oowines for you to choosefrom. OpenMondayto Saturday 7. Arnericqn food in I teltyouwhentheyareopen? Lewseglikeexpensive 6 servemealsfor underf4. Europeanfood and e x c e l l e nwt i n e T h e g want to go to a quiet, comfortable[estaurant not too far from the 4 Daveand lessielive on the coast. They are vegetarians,but they sometimes eatflsh. You're C ptaytennis. I stitlhaveto do onemoreessayl 6 Weagreed A to startat 4.

I stopped A to havea drink B playwith Thechildren arereatlytired. Thereit is! B do exerciseC vegetables.

There'sno paintleft. Dic z of heardMarklot I'vei-: Does he tikeal-lfittle chocolate? He gardening a. Vocabulary 5 Writea wordfromUnit5 whichmatches the It'sa sticktypeof tapethat you canuseto definition. Youusethisto washyourself andsmeilgood.

Complete thesentences usingwordsfrom o storyin a filmor book: It'sa typemachine you usefor cooking ro lt'snot realtyseeing.! I 3 It'sthe stuffingyou find on the groundafter b Whatdo the sentences referto: Thesunwasgoingdownbehindus likea Vocabulary I travet intowater.

Perfect rainforestis in the site,SouthAmerica. Whydid Jackdecideto go on holidayT win 4 Fora goodhotiday, I tikelyingon a rockf Becausehe had wonsomemoney. Romeis full of monuments andmuseums. Thereare manypacklpackingI packoge hotidays to Thailand, South-east Asia's n u m b eor n eh o l i d a dyestination. FishRiverCanyon is the secondbiggestcanyonin theworld. Seeingit wasa humbting experience.

Apartfromits size,the greatest thingaboutit was its quietness. Butaswe stoodthere,on its edge,we lookeddownandwe couldseebirdsftyingbetow us,andsmatldried-up riversroo feetdown, windingtheirwaybetween thetrees. Anda thoughtcameto me. Butwhen he returnedtherewasa [ookon hisfacewhich said,'Disaster! I d e s c r i bae p h o t o c Coverthetapescript. Listenand tick 4 ReadwhatCheeYunsaysaboutherhotiday the thingsMelissamentions. Comptete thesentences withthewords d Listenagainand answerthe questions.

I feelthatway,yes. I think,as you seemore,you Yott can see fhc. Irll ol pople in So,yes,I do feelI'mjust starting. Howmanyyearshaveyou beena traveIwriter? A longtime,morethanthirtyyears. Whatchangeshaveyouseenin travelandtourism? I thinkthesenewairlinesthat offer: Andthere'sa badsidetoo?

H e rg u i d e sc a r r i e d her Listening taptopcomputer, coffeemachineand Iuxuryfoodup Everest. Sheevenhadfashionmagazines delivered 5 a Matchthe halvesof the collocations. Youtosesomeof the mystery. Melissa,is thereanyadviceyouwoutdgiveto young peoplewhowantto be traveIwriters?

Yes,I thinkthe firstthingis that you haveto make 4 all over d ftights timeto write. And if you do it everyday,it becomes a h a b i tT. Youhaveto sayexactlywhatcolours who is a traveljournalist. Whatdo you thinl you saw,howthe colourswerereflected in the Melissawilt talk about? Howthe sunfetton yourface. Youhaveto be verydetaitedand lookmore a herfavourite trip d e e p l yt h a nm o s tp e o p l e.

The 4 Correctthe errorsin the sentences. Thefirsthas in the firstsentenceof eachpair. I'mfreeat the moment. I lovevour m u s e u m f p c o old furniture. Mv favouritebandis r s e c a X TheFugees. I'veheardifs very sad.

Bestselling Series

There's a goodfilmon at the cinema- Whatdid the weathertike? D Writea questionfor eachansref,,ltse lifre. What he? He'sintelligent andfunry 5 to seewhereroyalfamilies [ive? No, I hate it. I preferarls nffirlr 2 Uo the speakerssoundpotite P or A: Listenand write P or I in the boxes.

What the concert? No,she is muchtrendpfu'r- 6 CanI geta studentdiscount? Yes,please" ptease.! How to. Modernis Musermto 3 where youis knowdotheexcusemuseum m e ,? Reading 7 a Whichof theseplacesareshownin Whydo youhaveto dive? Because the photos? A it'sthe onlywayto enterthe underwater a TheSaharaDesert hotel. Whygo to Roswell? Because A you'reinterestedin UFOsandaliens.

B no onehasbeentheresince Whymighta cowlandon yourhead? B thereareno moreftyingfishin the USA. Because A youwantto seesomeancient tribesin the rainforest. B you wantto livein the rainforest. Vocabulary I adjectives to describe naturalplaces 1 Complete thesentences withthewordsfrom the box. It's in both. Is it truethat nc: Charles McKinley,25,missedhisfamitybut No! But it is a. Friend told himit woutdbe cheaper to go as cargo. In fact,costof sendingthewoodenboxwas higherthaneconomy classseat.

Aftera r5-hourjourneyin whichMcKinley hadno Pronunciation foodor water,boxwasdelivered to hisparents' home. Thedeliverymancalledpolice B s t r e s s? I just returnedi:: Ijust B: A 5 businessman wasgoingto Cotombiafor the 5 They've neverbeento paris.

I 7 She'sreallyfriendly. Reading t Timezone means 6 a Whatdo travelagentsdo? A an areawherethe clocksaresetat a r bookftightsfor people! A the placewhereyoufinishthejourney. B a scheduled stopon a journey,before 5 helpcustomers rentcarsfor theirtrip I startingagain. A a seatnextto the corridor notcloseto b Readthe text.

B a seatnextto the window. B officiatpapersyou needwhenyoutravel. A a very[argeaeroplane. B ftightfromonecontinent to another.

B Sheneverhadseenanything so beautifu[. Butin C Sheneversawanything so beautifu[. Therewerecrowdsof touristsstanding around 3 arrived atalanl-lthepartyat 8. A We hadn'texpectso manypeople.

Hegot hurtduringjudo. Latertheydiscovered B Weexpected so manypeople. C Wehadn'texpected so manypeople. B lt wasn'trainedfor months. C lt hadn'trainedfor months. B I fettasleep. C loststeeo. Suddenty janineappeared at my frontdoor. A Whyshehadn'tcaltedfirst? B Whyhadn'tshecalledfirst? Uses of like C Whydidn'tshecalledfirst?

A I hadhopedto spenda fewdayson the Whot's? Whatdid A ld gonetherelastAugust. It C I wenttherelastAugust. A we didn'tbook. I'venever B we hadn'tbooked. Articles and uses of fike lf you loveholidays on the oceanandyou have enoughmoney, youshoutdgo on a 4 a Someofthesesentencesneedalan or the.

Weneedto takea map;in Veniceit'seasvto Add them wherenecessary. It dominates! Ownerwasverv Therearesometribesstitttivingin thetropica.

I 7 l 'soneof biggestbuitdings in city,andit's Useanexpression withgefto replace the madeof gtass.! Usethe correctverbtense. Actually, canI havepieceof r Theydecided to havetheirweddina in Florida.

I usuallyput on my clothesat aboutg. Shewantedto go home,but shecouldn,tfind e Whatwasthat restaurant likebeforeit closed the way.

Nearty50 percent of marriedcouplesendtheir marriageafterten yearsor less. Vocabulary to l'Il download you a drinklater. There's oneon yourteft. Canyoute[[thewayto thetheatre,ptease? Whattimethe museumclose? Travel Placesto Expressions B: Howis a ticketto the citvcentre? Couldyou te[[me to getto Eve's Resta urant? Sorry,I don't lcnowit. Comptete the sentences with A: Doesthistraingo the airport? Yes,it does. Youknowhowmucha hirecarcostsDer transport areorganised for Vou.

Canrecommend a goodnightctub? Yes,SplashDeever is goodif youlikehip-hop. I haven'tmadeldonelhodalot of progress. Juliet rang you earlier. It stillsoundsterrible! Who rang me earlier? I started[ookingfor a job. Areyoucomingwith us for lunch? Literature fromLondonUniversitv. In thisjob youneedto learnthingsvery a Genova! I'm notverygoodat this yet.

Practice makes e SilvioBertusconl I 3 A: I can'tlearngrammar grammar by reading f ltatyI books. That'sa lovelypoem!

Yes, learntit by. Howis yourGerman? Findthem and correctthem. Have you ever noticed how children are always Do you remember the first time you touched a making mistakes? They do it all the time, and it 15 computer? You didn't want people to watch you doesn't seem to bother them. Children aren't like You don't learn to juggle without dropping balls. They experiment with all the buttons, just But if you create an environment where mistakes 20 to see what will happen.

And they arelearning are not accepted, then people become frightened from every move they make. The fear of failure of them. In these kinds of environments people seems to develop as we go through school. We t0 learn to hide their mistakes, and not to celebrate learn to become afraid of our mistakes, to be them as a good thing.

If you're not making afuaid of having the wrong answer, or to draw mistakes then you're not learning anything 25 outside the lines. The fear of successcomes later, andwe can see this often in successfulprofessionals and leaders. So they start to worry, and decide not to take risks.

Don't let this happen to you. See what opportunities can arise from the mistakes you make, and soon you'll feel happier about yourself.

Theygiveme lotsof ideas. Shecanalwaysdealwithdifficuttsituations withoutgettingangry. Heknowsso muchaboutso manythings. I don't playnow. Dld she smoke sheknowshowyou'refeeling. I lovethemnow. You may haveto changethe tense. Now r Sheexplainedthingsto us well. Listening I childhood e Underline thesilentlettersin thewordsin the box. Thenwritethe wordsin the correct 5 Cover thetapescript andtistento the placesin thetable.

Thenanswer thequestions. Bythe end,did histeacherthinkRogerwas naughty? I I wasbornon the 4 November r I thinkI always 3 Rogerwasveryhappyabouthisfirstdavat t h o u g htth a tI w o u l ds p e n dm yw h o l el i f ei u s tb e i n ga schoot.! I wouldgetsometerriblepunishment. I checkedmy body- feetand [egs- keepingsti[, bodyandarms - k e e p i n sgt i t l ,h e a da n de y e s- o h n o- w h a ta b o u rm v Pronunciation I sitent letters eyes? Werethey moving?

I was phrases fromthe listening passage. I thought to mysetf I wasrewarded, as onedaythe headteacher cameinto the classroom. MissBradshaw replied, 'No, n o ta n ym o r e R. If I am unable to look after myself seven. The government doesn't do enough to help old people either. Youmayneedto changethetenses. Reading Answerthe questions. Readthetextandchoose a suitable titlefor r Whatthreethingsdoesthe articlesuggest thearticle. Whatis theimportance 7 Whydoeshe believe thecompanyis stilt of thefollowing numbers fromthearticle?

Shewasa very teacher. I Justkeeptryingandyou'llget better. I cansingall the Beatles'songs frommemory. Thatlamp broken. Theremay be more 7 Choosethe correctanswer. A useto ride z Wemonagednot tolcouldn'tldidn'table to B usedto ride seeproperlybecause we werein the backrow.

A alwayslovingpaint. C woutdalwayslovepainting. Problems meantthat they weren'tablel 3 We- in a hugehousein the countryside. A wouldlive Didyou monagetolcouldlable fo get her B usedto live autograph? C lived I didn't managef wosn'table toI couldn,tto swimuntilI waszz.

Shecouldn'tI didn't manaqeI wasn'table A wouldshow understand my accent. B showed I wasablelcouldI manogedspeakthree C useto show languages beforeI wassixyearsotd. We weren'table toldidn't couldldidn,t manoge A useto enjoy contactyou immediately. A usedto promise 8 Usewordsto completetheseidiomsabout B wouldpromise learning. A were z Thetranslation wasverydifficuttso Ella B usedto being m ea h a n d. C wouldbe 3 Sheaskedmefor the priceso I madea guess. She sentences.

Vocabulary I phrases withchange 1 Usephraseswith changeto completethe sentences. I think nf eloonino rp: Evenwhen awshavebeenw. Scottish n o r. That's all. Lotsof hecnaziest awsseem oinvo veanima s. Choosethe correctoptions. Practise sayingthe sentences. Vocabulary I gtobal issues 3 Complete thesentences withsuitable adverbs from the box. I recyclenewspapers and bottlesto help 6 Coutdyou passme my glasses? Theswitchis broken. We possibly will seeherat thetheatre. Rebets are is difficult.

Not didn'thavemy gtasses. Listento the lnterviewer: Paul,you werea votunteer in Uganda. Answer the makesucha difference to yourlife? I hadliveda veryquietiifein Engtand. I hadneverleftthe country,neverbeenon a p l a n ee v e nA. Butveryquickly I becamecompletely absorbedby what I w a sd o i n ga n db y w h a tI w a sa b l et o offer. It completely changedmy life. Whatwaslifetikefor you at the time? W e l [o, f c o u r s ep, e o p l ed i d n ' th a v em u c h money,but theirliveswererichin other ways- famitytifewasveryimportant.

But livingin the bushwasdifficutt;we were fifteenmilesfromthe nearestoostbox andfifteenmilesfromthe nearestroad. Thevittagewasrighton the banksof z Whatwashisjob? Numberthe topicsin the the mainprobtemwasthattherewere orderthat PauItalksaboutthem. Thatmadethe work verydifficult. Buttherewerepositive a the probtems withthejob E t h i n g st o o. Wouldyou recommend volunteering to g goinghome!

Completethesentences withverbsfromthe box. Putthemin the correcttense. Grammar I tnirdconditionat 2 Choosethe correctoptions.

A wouldhave B wouldn'thave C wouldn't 3 lf there A hadknown B knew C hadknew I lfthe ticketshadbeencheaper, there morepeopleat the show. A wouldbeen B wouldhave C wouldhavebeen They- the bookingif theyd thoughtthere 4 They A has e hadbe C hadbeen I wouldhavetoldvounotto comeif I thatthe bankwouldbe closed.

A was B hasbeen C wouldhavebeen 5 lf he Listening 4 GB Coverthetapescript. Listento Rachel andJustin talkingaboutdecisions they havemadeandmakenotesin thetable. Whatwasthe Whydid they decisionabout? I'datwayswantedto be a doctor 5 - hadstudiedveryhardat school. And I wasdetighted whenI managed to. Then, GB Listenagainto checkyour answers. I realisedthat I didn'twantto speno r RacheI foundit easvto decidewhatto do the restof my lifedoingthisjob afterall.

I don'tregrer psychologist. I supposd e e c i d i ntgo b u ya h o u s ea n ds t a r ta f a m i l y 4 Sheenjoyedheruniversity tectures. I wasa big decision. Up untiltastyearmyworkwasthe S Justin was a single manwho enjoyedhis mostimportantthingfor me. I workedhardto try and freedom.! In my 6 Whenhe metShanthe thingsthatwere freetime,I wentout with friendsandgeneralty haoa important to himchanged.

ThenI metShan,andwe decidedto tive together, and my prioritiesstartedto change. Wegot Z Justinusuallyworkstate.! NowI try 8 Heleaveshischildren witha babysitter so not to worklate,and I'vetold my bossthat I don'twant that he cango out in the evenings.

I to traveIso much. Youmayneedto change the Morepeopleareusingpublictransport. As a tense. Thegovernment givesfarmersmoneyto 7 l'tlbetherein a minute.

First and second conditionals Global issues 4 Correctthe mistakesin the sentences. S I thinkcountries shouldstopto havewar. Theyneedto makesomepeace. Third conditional 5 a Re-order the lettersto makewordsto 7 Writethirdconditionalsentences to describe complete thesentences. I left the company.

I Thebuilders tooklong[unchbreaks. It wasa sunnyday. Wesat in the gardeneating Put a crossnext to the sentenceswhich refer icecreams. We Shefeltandbrokeher[eg. Shedidn'tbecome Adverbs a professional dancer.

Hearrivedlatefor work. He A quickly I didn'treadthe contract carefully. I signedit. Picassomight not A quickty 9 Shelivedby hersetf. B obviously She C thoughtfully ro JohnLennon wasa famousrockstar. Hisson I She saidthetrainarrivedat two p. A Persona[[y bracketsto completethe sentences. B Definitely r I can'ttrusthimanymore. Dothewordpuzzleby completing the sentences below. We haveto eat her cookingall the time,and it's terrible!

The schoolis reallygood though,and we like r so he hasthe right Hehasstudiedat university our teachers. Wearecetebrating Magdahasbeen because n l r-.

Thepayis notverygood,butwe getlotsof HOw t O. PT Interviewer: Listento the Fridays. Manybusinesses nowadays, recording, then choosethe correctanswer. So,arecasualFridays a g o o di d e a? O ra r ee m p l o y e ewsh oc o m er o b ls it a goodideafor workersto wearcasual workin suitsactuallymoreproductive than clothesat work? Howdoeswhatyouwearaffectpeopre at work? Choose cometo worklate. Butwe foundthe opposite.

Total English Pre-Intermediate Workbook with Key

Quitea few yearsago. Westartedwith 4 Phonezyou startedto let employees wear casualFridays, andwe foundthat the theirown clothesto worka few yearsagollast atmosphere in the officereailychangedon year,andtheyfoundthat salesdecreasedl t h o s ed a y s a , n ds a t e sa c t u a l l iyn c r e a s e d. So lastyearwe introduced the idea for everyday. I thinkit helpsimprove 5 Simonbelieves thatwearingcasuaIclothesat c o m m u n i c a t i obnest w e ew n o r k e r sa n o workmeansthat workersaremorestressed I theirbosses,andbetweenthe workers relaxed,theysocialise morefless,andthev themselves.

Dosomeof yourcustomers stiilexpectto worse. Simonsayssomeof hisclientsdoldon't Simon: A n dI d o w e a ra s u i t expectemployees to wearsuits. So to meetings. I mean,powerfuldecision-makers in America bossdecidesldecidefor themselves. Vocabulary -in7l-ed adjectives Complete thesentences withthewordsfrom the box. It'sgoingto be great.

It makesme sad. I wasso that I teftthe cinemabeforethe fitmhadfinished. WhenI am stressed, listeningto musicmakes me feelbetter. TheVare too! Managers usuatlyhaveparticular thingswhich 3 Whatmakespeopleangryat work?

If you are you needto work out if the ange - becauseyou havedone sometL business- this is how vour mana! T h e ny o u c o u l d our busy salesteam and earn extra moneyworking f r o m h o m e. Dodge workf ornothing. Andourskirtsto be tongenoughto cover 4 our knees. Wehadweardark,flat shoes, o withno heels,andwe weren'tto wearmake-up.

New Total English Starter Workbook

Thiswasa boarding 7 school,so we stayedat the schoolfor the wholeterm,but 8 we a[towedto go intotowntwicea week. I alwayswentwith a friend. Wego to the shopsto downloadsweetsanddrinks,or to the Iibrary, but 10 we go to the cinemauntiIwe werein the finalyear. I usedto lovethe 77 summerholidays, whenI couldgo home,andI didn'tto foltowrulesall day[ong. Reading Realise your drearTl Do you'dream of getting a newjob or startingyour own business, but woruv about how to achieve vour dream?

Most of us have dreams,big or small,whether they are to own our or,tinbusinessesor simply to be happier. Life is a understand whatyou wantto do journey of continuouslearning,and there tnaybe problenrs List your obstacles- the things that might get in the way on the way. A r talksaboutthe meaningsof dreams. B Usethem to completethe gapsr Don't andfamily,don'twantus to change. I havea bathandreadmy book. I findit very z Hewasmaderedundant fromhisjob,so now relaxedI reloxing.

I findthemtoo that sheshouldgetapromotedlrewordingl confused I confusing. Arethereanyperksl ro Thedocumentary film wasveryinterestingl poy riselreferences? You the sameverbs. Theremay be r Wenotaltowed to go intothe conference ha[[. A said prioritise accurately irregular figures B totd decisions presentationspressure C askedto delegating range long solving She- it wasthe bestholidayshehad everbeenon. C said I workas a therapist, so l'mquitegoodat They- that I wouldbe latefor the problems.

A if I tiketo go to herhouse 10 I actuallyhavemy bestideaswhenI'mworking B if shewantedto go to my house un o e r C whetherI wantedto go to herhouse 'Thecar Vocabulary will be readytomorrow. C hadbeenreadytomorrow z Wewenthometo watcha film. Past obligatiorVp ermission 7 Complete 4 Wheredid you go to secondary school? Whereis therestroom?

Writesentences usingthe phrases fromthe box. Setect wordsin italics. Wehaven't havemoremoney revise canrun faster 2 Hurryup! You'regoingto missllosethe train. I'veforgottenllost my key. I can'tfind it anywhere. Livingso far away,do you loselmiss your famity? I'vemissedlforgotten howto playthis game. Grammar I wishlifonly 2 Usetwoor threewordsto completethesecond of eachpairso thattheymeanthe sentence sameasthefirstsentence.

I wish somematches. Vocabulary I nature collocations z I can'taffordthat skirt. I wish thatskirt. A wasblowingattnight. I wish makea messin the kitchen! B wasverystrong. A themridingtheirhorses. C the hoovesof horses. B darkwood. C densewood.

A flakescamedown. B fettattnight. C drippedfast.

A backofthe lake. C frozenlake.

A Destroys badmemories B Makesyou moreintelligent C lmproves yourmemory D Hetpsyoureadanotherperson's mind Nowreadthe text to find out.

But a memory pill raisesethicalquestionsroo. Is this fair on poorer studentswho couldn't afflordthe pill? Would buiinessesstart askingtheir workersto take pills so that they performed better? Would we divide quiz shows into two types: Often, the: This has happened with piastic surgery originally for soldierswith injuries to the face;now used by middle-aged actorswho want to stay prettier for longer and it happenedwith Prozac. It may happenwith cloning. The truth is, we don't know how a memory pill would affect society.

Fortunately, we probably have a few more years to think about it Most scientistsbelievethat the drugs need much more testing. Someof thesedrugs work weli with animals,but, as Dr Sue Clarke, one of the scientistsworking in this area,says, 'It isn't clearthat animalsuse the samekind of memoriesas humans. A mouse doesn'thave to remember a shopping iist during the day. E z Which37 mitlionpeoplewoutdwelcome b Questions societyneedsto ask I a b r a i np i l l?

Useone studentsusingbrainpills? Manyprofessions 6 Howhasthe useof plasticsurgery changed? Manyscientists saythatthe pil[needsto be s - more,beforewe canuseit safelv.

One day in , Shewonthe NobelPrizefor Literature in ry Frida was seriously Shewonthe NobelPeacePrizein zoort. She 2 Choose thecorrect verbtense. G , , paint the things around her,her room, By the ageof twenty,LindaEvangelista 'My had the view from the bed, self-portraits. Fourteen-year'old KateMosswalkedI was l'qida also said,'I sufferedtwo accidentsin my life: The other accidentis firstsawher.

She showed him one of her paintings. By now, universitydegreein chemicaI engineering. Rivera encouragedher JutiaRoberts madeherfirstfitmat twenty. Beforethatshewasbeinalhad beena modet. Frida hated the country, by puttingthe verb into the PastContinuous but during this time she beganto paint someof or PastPerfect.

Heexplained that in In , Frida had her first solo exhibition in?

The ambulancedoors opened raining. Finally, she had achievedfame for herself. By the Scotland wascompletely newto Max. I saynumbers c Listen to thesentences. Underline thenumberor datethatvouhear. Czoth d B Nowread the numbersand dates 1 0 fortythousand: Listenand check.

Pleasecarryoverfon z Thankyouverymuch. Completethe secondsentenceof eachpairso d You'rewelcome. Usetwo or e I justwantedto askabout. I love parties and I love London! My train leavesat 6. Youneverarriveon time! CAE Result: Workbook Resource Pack with Key. Natural English Pre-Intermediate: Workbook With Key.

New Headway English Course: Workbook with Key Advanced level. Audio Pack. New Headway: Speakout Elementary Workbook with Key. Proficiency Passkey: Workbook with Key.

Campaign 2: English for the military. Workbook with audio. Lese-Novela Lara, Frankfurt. Leseheft und Audio-CD with Audio. New english file. Elementary workbook. Audio Pack Red Hotline Series. Cutting Edge. Advanced Workbook With Key. Streetwise Russian with Audio CD:A was B hasbeen C wouldhavebeen 5 lf he DearMr MishovskY, f We lookforwardto hearingfromyou.

The government doesn't do enough to help old people either. Workbook with Key. Present Perfect Simple B I haven'tdonethe work. As a tense. Great- we seeyoutherethen. Reading t Timezone means 6 a Whatdo travelagentsdo? Whydid Jackdecideto go on holidayT win 4 Fora goodhotiday, I tikelyingon a rockf Becausehe had wonsomemoney.

TheVare too!

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