triple package, however, the authors raise issues relevant to current “Triple Package” cultures achieve superior outcomes in income, job. Editorial Reviews. Review. Publishers Weekly (starred and boxed): “In their provocative new book, Chua (Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother) and Rubenfeld ( The. Praise. Publishers Weekly (starred and boxed): “In their provocative new book, Chua (Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother) and Rubenfeld (The Interpretation of.

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The Triple Package: How Three Unlikely. Traits Explain the Rise and the Fall of. Cultural Groups in America. By: Amy Chua, Jed Rubenfeld. THE PENGUIN. In a nutshell, The Triple Package discusses the three cultural traits of eight successful immigrant groups in the United States. These traits. In The Triple Package: How Three Unlikely Traits Explain the Rise and Fall of Cultural Groups in America, out next week from Penguin, the.

Finally, while the authors do convincingly illustrate that many immigrants have these three traits, and that these groups are successful, the correlation and causation problem remains unanswered.

The current research on insecurity and success, for example, cuts both ways.

In a meta-analysis, the psychologist Roy Baumeister found that boosting self-esteem has not been shown to help academic performance. Meanwhile, a study of students , academics, and workers published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that people who are more confident achieve higher social status, regardless of their actual abilities.

In reality, two steps out of LaGuardia or LAX or whatever polyphonic airport greets them, many immigrants who lack English and connections are seized with an all-consuming terror of starving to death.

Research on immigrants has revealed widespread fear in their communities, particularly among the undocumented. And this fear tends to be immediate and causal: If you get an 85 on a science test one day, the thinking goes, you'll be chewing on shoe leather the next day because the family's meager cash reserves will have somehow evaporated overnight.

In another recent immigrant tome, Little Failure , the author Gary Shteyngart describes his father arriving home from work one day and raining blows upon him for not completing a set of math problems out of a Soviet textbook in time. In the same breath, the elder Shteyngart worries that his "German boss" will fire him and the family will need their three-figure savings to live on. This is not because of some triumvirate of ironman characteristics.

It is plain panic over survival.

Shteyngart clearly turned out fine—after years of therapy—but even Chua and Rubenfeld point out that not every Triple-Package child does. It's unclear from the book whether the Triple Package is something even worth aspiring to. In an interview after Chua's first book, the New York Times wrote:. She's similarly equivocal in her follow-up.

Immigrants in all countries tend to have elevated levels of anxiety, but this type of relentless parental pressure can have particularly severe consequences. Although the Triple Package leads to success, it can also produce a variety of other consequences.

What Amy Chua Didn't Tell You: Why 'The Triple Package' Is Dead Wrong

First, the Triple Package groups face disappearance as they assimilate into American culture and intermarry — two consequences of success. For instance, the hugely successful Huguenots, French Protestants who faced persecution by the Catholic Church in the seventeenth century, have entirely disappeared.

The second consequence of success is decline, as success often chips away at insecurity. In the case of the American Jewish community this could be a real threat as the group becomes more secure. The third effect is reinvention. This results in members feeling like outsiders both in their cultural group and in broader US society.

The Triple Package Key Idea #1: Successful groups in America often share common characteristics.

However, this effect can mean a huge boost in creativity that frees members from conventional limitations while retaining the Triple Package. The Amish avoid the disappearance, decline and reinvention that affects Triple Package groups because they have a belief system that keeps them isolated from the mainstream and disinterested in a very American type of success through conspicuous consumption.

This sets them apart from other high-achieving groups who are also outsiders. The real reasons for the impoverishment of certain American minorities are systematic exploitation, discrimination, denial of opportunity and macroeconomic factors that are entirely separate from their culture.

A University for Life Skills

The result? Rampant poverty and an inequitable distribution of the wealth generated by those resources. In fact, over three decades, the public image of Mormons transformed from a polygamous, isolationist, racially discriminatory tribe rarely seen on Wall Street to one of corporate, financial and political success. Marriott, both of whom are Mormons.

Some subdivisions of Triple Package groups undermine the plus points of being a member of that group. Cuban exiles have similarly identified as an exceptional people who were forcibly removed from their promised land.

As a result, they consider themselves special and privileged. However, while such bracing self-belief runs contrary to American egalitarianism, and all ethnic groups achieve a superiority complex. For instance, the Nigerian Igbo and Yoruba tribes have experienced disproportionate success in West Africa, a fact that has reinforced their superiority complexes.

Igbos are at times even referred to as the Jews of West Africa. The Triple Package Key Idea 6: Scorn, fear and family are powerful sources of insecurity — and success. While insecurity is a trait shared by all humans, it comes in a variety of forms.

So, what kind of insecurity do the most successful groups experience? One caused by public scorn, fear and family.

The Triple Package

As Voltaire said, everything but contempt can be borne. Scorn motivates people to climb the social ladder. For instance, Iranians are constantly portrayed in a negative fashion by the US media.

The result has been a desire to distinguish themselves. Since Chua has been seen as a provocative figure who sparked a tense debate about parenting with Battle Hymn, this book certainly attracted lots of attention with its racially charged arguments.

Alicia W. Stewart, writing for CNN , claims that "it's no surprise that her latest book about success and cultural groups was given a bit of side-eye, even before it published. But its premise is flawed, arguments pernicious and methods disingenuous. And there is a whiff of aromatic complacency on every page. Positive reviews[ edit ] Publishers Weekly reviewed the book, concluding: "This comprehensive, lucid sociological study balances its findings with a probing look at the downsides of the triple package—the burden of carrying a family's expectations, and deep insecurities that come at a psychological price.

The authors' willingness to pursue an intellectual inquiry that others wouldn't is bracing.

Though coolly and cogently argued, this book is bound to be the spark for many potentially heated discussions. The book serves as an opportunity to discuss what has helped drive America's triumphs in the past — and how we might harness this knowledge for our future.

Vance , writing in the National Review Online , described the book as "sometimes funny, sometimes academic, and always interesting study of the cultural traits that make some groups outperform others in America. I'm not sure that Chua and Rubenfeld have all the right answers.

But I do know that by focusing on people—and the cultures that support and affect them—they're asking the right questions.Research on immigrants has revealed widespread fear in their communities, particularly among the undocumented.

The couple previewed their theory in a wildly popular New York Times opinion piece on Sunday.

The Triple Package Summary

Another implication of our book is that the adversity of recent times may have a silver lining. But its premise is flawed, arguments pernicious and methods disingenuous. HuffPost Personal. At the time, it often felt harsh.

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