Bulleh Shah Kehnde Ne is a Punjabi Poetry book contain Punjabi classical and traditional poetry of the famous Sufi elder Syed Abdullah Shah Qadri well known as Baba Bulleh Shah a great Punjabi Sufi poet, philosopher and humanist. Bulleh Shah Kehnde Ne book is now available on. Kalam Hazrat Baba Bulleh Shah By Samiullah Barkat containing the punjabi religious poetry of hazrat baba bulleh book has the size of mb and. See more. kalam baba bulleh shah - Google Search Best Quotes In Urdu, Urdu Quotes, Wise .. Poetry of Baba Bulleh Shah Punjabi Pdf Free Download. Bulleh .

Baba Bulleh Shah Kalam In Punjabi Pdf

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Punjabi Poetry of Baba Bulleh Shah in Punjabi-Hindi-Urdu. Kalam-e-Baba Bulleh Shah - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. Kalam-e-Baba Bulleh Shah. Bulleh Shah, sometimes Bulla(h) Shah (–) (Punjabi: بلہے شاہ) was a Punjabi Sufi poet, humanist and philosopher. Bulleh Shah practiced the Sufi.

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Ranjha has stepped into my courtyard He has a staff in His hand and a blanket on His shoulder He has masked himself as a cattleman Poetry has no defined boundaries as to what it exactly means.

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One can derive hundreds of meanings from a single verse. The more ambiguity in poetry, the more difficult the poet is.

And one can clearly make a Khan7 link to the references to the life of the Prophet. Prophet used to be a shepherd, he used to look over the cattle of his community, and is remembered as kaali kamli wala, one having black shawl over his shoulders. One can say that in this kafi, Bulleh Shah is expressing his love for the Prophet. He might have seen Him in a dream, or felt his presence or maybe he just realized the true feeling of love for the Prophet.

His love for his true beloved is of utmost purity in its nature. Bullah does not go overboard. He says that he is neither an infidel nor an orthodox believer. He is not intoxicated by the forbidden wine nor is he intoxicated by love of ecstasy. His state of love cannot be defined. It is formless. It is in the nature of things that love cannot be defined exactly, because there is something in love—as there is in pain—which cannot be portrayed or conveyed by description alone Muhammad He is close to the Divine yet he feels he is far away.

In one of his kafi, Bullah says Ever separated, my dreams are dreary, Looking for you, my eyes are weary. All alone I am robbed in a desert, Waylaid by a bunch of way words. Having great Sufi wisdom, being a pious peaceful preacher, Bullah still finds something lacking in his life. He thinks that that gap can only be filled with the presence of his Divine Beloved.

Having everything does not suffice his need for his beloved. This world is a place of pain for Bullah and he yearns and pleads in front of his beloved to come and embrace Bullah and to take his care.

Khan8 At first the love makes the lover so crazy and mad in search of the beloved that nothing mundane, earthly or of this world affects him. Then in second phase, separation leads to greater intensity in love. The lover yearns for union and experiences extreme restlessness. Lastly, lover sees the beloved in everyone and everywhere Shangari Such as: Bullah says, o beloved!

I am your slave I am dying to see your face I implore you hundreds of times to unveil your face for me How directly you have hit the arrow Bulleh Shah is lost in the passionate love of Divine.

He considers himself as a slave of his beloved. His own life is not his now, it belongs to the Divine. Bullah begs and begs for hundreds of times to see his Beloved.

Kalam-e-Baba Bulleh Shah

The extreme yearning for Divine beloved and repetition of recalling His name, dhikr, has transformed Bullah from Bullah to Divine. He claims that he himself has accomplished the union, and now no one should call him Bullah, because now he is no more Bulleh Shah.

Bulleh Shah is said to be impressed by Hallaj. At this point, Bullah holds fierce anger for the Mullahs, religious leaders, who stood by the side of politicians and rulers rather than the truth. Bulleh Shah has used many symbols for the love of Divine.

One of those symbols is Ranjha. Bullah conforms to the beliefs of religion but he does not belief in orthodoxy and practicing religion without having the true essence of it. Yes, I am crazy! Wherever is your beloved, there lies Kaaba, though you search the four books Yes, I am crazy!

Bulleh shah muntakhab kalam ma urdu tarjuma

The implication is that God is everywhere not merely in this town This opinion of Sufis rejects the orthodox view. I am in love of my beloved, God. And that makes me reject the form of worship which these people are carrying out. I believe in spirit of worship not the form of worship.

Bulleh Shah not just experienced great fame at his time but was also disgraced by many. First ones to condemn his views were among his family while others also did not hesitate to shun him.

Bulleh Shah also realized that his opinion of religion and love for God is way too high for the common folks to absorb. He soul evolved with all the mystical experiences he came through and expressed his all his stages and phases of love in his mystical poetry. His poetry is like a sea with numerous rivers flowing into it. One of the most prominent themes found in his poetry is love. Bulleh Shah, through his kafis and couplets, has reproduced the feelings of a person who experiences intoxicated and all-consuming love.

Furthermore, it tells how a fanatical lover is unaffected by the worldly or ordinary affairs and the taunts of the people. Bulleh Shah believes in embracing love, once one becomes a true lover there is no burying the truth. He himself expressed all kinds of love in his poetry.

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In his early times, Bullah composed kafis on worldly love too but his meeting Khan10 with the Shaykh changed him all over and his theory of love transcended from worldly love to love for humanity, then to love for Shaykh, then to love for Prophet and finally to the eternal love, the love for Divine.

This phase overwhelmed the former Bullah and made him wali of God.

His poetry will remain an inspiration for those who have the quest to find the journey to the Divine. Khan11 Works Cited Ahmed, Saeed. Bulleh Shah Within Reach. Volume 1, Ferozsons Pvt.

Layli and Majnun.

Brill, Hossein Nasr, Seyyed. Islamic Mysticism Tasawwuf. Karachi: Royal Book company, Muhammad, Ghazi. Rammah, Safir. Shangari, J.View Screenshots. Muhammad Rafay marked it as to-read Dec 09, Related Papers.

Community Reviews. Your love has taken abode within my heart! Volume 1, Ferozsons Pvt.

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