Shopaholic on Honeymoon (Short Story) by Sophie Kinsella PDF Download - This free eBook short story fills in the gaps of Sophie Kinsella’s bestselling Shopaholic series, following Becky Brandon and her husband, Luke, as they start their luxurious yearlong honeymoon around the world. Becky and Luke are in Venice—the city of winding canals, gorgeous. This free eBook short story fills in the gaps of Sophie Kinsella's bestselling Shopaholic series, following Becky Brandon and her husband, Luke.

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Read Shopaholic on Honeymoon (Shopaholic #) Online PDF 28 Pages on containing 28 pages, this book written by Sophie Kinsella whom known as . A special gift for Sophie Kinsella fans - a new free Shopaholic short story, revealing what happened on Becky and Luke's honeymoon, and. Get Free Read & Download Files Shopaholic On Honeymoon 35 Sophie Kinsella PDF. SHOPAHOLIC ON HONEYMOON 35 SOPHIE KINSELLA. Download.

That night, Luke, Danny and Becky discuss when Becky will get married. She replies that she will get married in ten years, much to Luke's disbelief and amusement. A few days before the wedding, Becky learns that Suze is pregnant. On one hand, Becky wanted to get married at home.

On the other, she wanted to have a gorgeous wedding at the Plaza, and being the 'special, glossy' person for the day. As she sees more and more preparations done on both sides, it's even more difficult for her to say no to either one. If Becky gives up the Plaza, she'll have to pay a penalty of a hundred thousand.

Luke laughs. One has peacock feathers and one has a glittery hood. We have to throw a masked Venetian party when we get back home. He keeps trying to download the smallest, simplest mask in the shop.

Which is so not the point. This is our honeymoon, remember. As I arrive, I see all the American students gathered, drawing at their easels, and my spirits lift. Here we are! Drawing in Venice! The students are all drawing the church, so I decide to do the same. I set up my easel alongside a girl with tangled blonde curls, and get out my art materials, trying not to look self-conscious.

He opens his book, looks at his watch, then shuts it again. Or the next day? I get out a charcoal stick and hold it up, copying the girl with blonde curls.

Then I notice that Luke is tapping his fingers. Get it done. He gives me a kiss, then strides off, already consulting his map of Venice. I watch him go, feeling a bit hurt, despite myself. Never mind.

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The girl with tangled blonde curls looks over and smiles. Oh God. I must have defective instincts. This art business is harder than I thought. Tourists keep coming up to have a look, which puts me off my stride, and one little boy even burst out laughing, which was totally uncalled for. I need a whole new approach.

I screw up my fifteenth piece of paper and take a deep breath. Forget perspective and shading and all that. I draw a thin blue stripe down one side of the paper, and add a red spot next to it. I stand back and look at it admiringly. Now I just have to think of a fancy title that sounds deep and meaningful, which is easy-peasy.

I can think of about ten off the top of my head. Falling The splinter leaves the body. In Vietnam. I quite like that last one, In Vietnam, although what it has to do with a stripe and a spot, God only knows. But it sounds cool and arty. And it took about thirty seconds. Hers is pretty expert, I have to admit.

It looks exactly like the church and is all cloudy and shady. How long are you here for? Are you going to the masked ball next week? A masked ball! I have a vision of me and Luke in amazing masks and evening dress, whisking along the Grand Canal in a candle-lit gondola.

We have to go. We have to. When at last he turns, his mouth is twitching. I mean, I still love all the stuff — all the pencils and brushes and cute little pots of paint. It gets a bit samey.

Kinsella Sophie. Shopaholic and Baby

I bet this is an open secret among artists which no one ever admits. I bet Picasso sometimes used to think to himself, God, not another bloody cube. Why is his face crinkled?

As we head back to the hotel in silence, I feel increasingly fretful. He looks harassed. It makes no sense.

All he has to do is come along for the ride. All he has to do is remember his passport. And my face would definitely not crinkle. We head up the steps into our hotel, and I practically shove the easel at the receptionist. Same address.

Shopaholic on Honeymoon

Thank you so much. Will that be possible? I thought you wanted to check out early. We need to talk about this holiday. The receptionist takes the easel, and I follow Luke, feeling more agitated than ever. Why are you being all weird and saying we want to check out early? That has to be the least honeymoony term in the world. Why not?

I know you wanted to take a year. He cannot be doing this. Luke, we are taking a year! Becky, I have a business to run. Miss Julia Takes the Wheel. Breaking His Rules. The Good Fight. Danielle Steel. All the Beautiful Girls. Elizabeth J. Professor Chandra Follows His Bliss. Rajeev Balasubramanyam.

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Shopaholic on Honeymoon

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Shopaholic & Sister pdf epub Download

Then he raises his head, looking totally astonished. Baby of the Family.

Not that I want another baby just to get a cool pram, obviously. They look like Elle McPherson. Perfect Match. In fact, I totally agree.

If Becky gives up the Plaza, she'll have to pay a penalty of a hundred thousand.

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